Get Inspired! Initiative: </br>Helping children learn by improving the feel of the classroom

Get Inspired! Initiative:
Helping children learn by improving the feel of the classroom

August 17, 2018

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August, for many industries, is a time of repose in the corporate calendar. As workloads often slow with colleagues and clients taking time off to enjoy the summer season, this time serves as an opportunity to reflect and reset as we transition into fall with renewed energy and focus.

At Burovision, August is always marked with a distinctive excitement and anticipation as our team works towards our annual GetInspired! project reveal.

Established in 2009, the GetInspired! initiative was developed with the objective to leverage our collective knowledge and experience in our core business of contract interiors in order to make a meaningful impact on our community. As our team is currently engrossed in every beautiful detail of this year’s project, we wanted to take a moment to consider – and celebrate – our community in which we share so proudly.

At Burovision, we assist in designing spaces that inspire new ideas and support creativity. We create spaces that better integrate the individual with their environment and foster connectivity and collaboration. It’s an approach to design that has proven incredibly effective in the corporate environment but is often an inaccessible consideration for community centers or schools with tight operating budgets.

Supporting literacy and learning for our youth has always been a cause that we’ve championed. So, once we had identified that there was a major need for creative design and financial support to enhance environments that are crucial to successful learning, GetInpsired! was conceived.

In 2009, we first partnered with Edward Murphy Elementary School and quickly realized that working alongside institutions that aligned with our values would be key to delivering a successful installation. As the mandate was to plan and furnish the school’s library space that fulfilled many roles for the school, the passionate and dedicated school principal had the foresight to involve their grade-five students in the brainstorming process. When asked to imagine what the perfect library might possibly look like, the students presented us with colorful and imaginative visions that added so much richness and empowerment to the design process.

Over the years, we’ve continued to work with organizations who prioritize access to learning: the CFER program at Lasalle Community Comprehensive High School and the STEAM program at Dorset Elementary School were both incredible examples of institutions that encourage hands-on, experiential learning.

In its infancy, Burovision actively sought out suitable organizations to partner with. But as its reputation for meaningful impact and community enrichment grew, it has become a point of pride as many groups reach out to our firm to put their organization forward as a possible candidate for GetInspired!.

Burovision is soon approaching the installation of our 2018 project: John F Kennedy High School. Like all of our amazing GetInspired! organizations, this school fully embodies the value that a creative learning space leads to great things for kids and fully reflects our philosophy and vision for the program. We are designing a total of five spaces to better support student integration, collaboration, and emotional well-being. We are anticipating that the changes will make a major impact on the students and facilitators.

We invite you to look to the end of September as we share the reactions and the outcome of this year’s project. Our team is often invited back to experience the effects the project has generated, and it is a moment of great pride for all involved.

While the feedback has always been deeply appreciative and the pursuit of a common goal for our own team members is unparalleled, we hope we play a small role in bettering our community. It is always our biggest reward.

We are proud of the team we have built and their unwavering belief and active support of our GetInspired! Program. As we head towards another busy season, we are collectively reminded of the importance of injecting a little more compassion, empathy, and humanity into our everyday work.

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