Let’s create
a Workplace that’s all about people

Let’s create a Workplace that’s all about people

Design Services

Visualization Resources
& Collaborative Design

Burovision Design uses sophisticated rendering and animation technologies to aid the design, visualization and planning process. We transform the decision-making process, bringing your ideas to life in real time.

We provide our customers with advanced visualization solutions, incorporating products in various layout options into the proposed spaces. Stakeholders experience whole design in 3D, allowing customer teams to explore changes and understand final look and feel of the project. Approach, plan and strategize.


We understand the multi-layered ecosystem of work and how the power of design will create opportunities to facilitate conversation, togetherness and a sense of belonging. Our team of Ancillary Specialists will be your guide to curate and deliver a best-in-class workplace that feels like home.

We explore from a diverse selection of design-led ancillary furnishings to uphold design and deliver long-term strategic value.

Leave the
Complex Part to Us

As an extension of your Facilities Team, Burovision Service will keep your workspace operating at peak performance. Building on 30 plus years of experience, we bring professional skills to produce the best results for approach, planning and project execution.

Project Management

Delivering complex projects with quality and pride at local and national levels.

Our team of professional Project Managers commit to meeting all critical dates for your project and operate with transparency with all parties, at all times. By leveraging systems and technology, we monitor, track and deliver to the highest customer expectation.

We partner with other trades to be resourceful and collaborative to advance progress on site for all. We maintain clean job sites and have strong organizational skills to bring efficiency and order to the installation.


Our Market Installation Directors have over 30 years of experience and guide our professional installers to deliver complex projects with quality and pride.

To ensure available service and meet project schedule demands, Burovision supports 6 certified installation subcontractors, who work under the supervision of in-house team leaders.

Choosing Burovision Installation ensures:

  • Certified installers with 210+ years of combined experience and deep knowledge of major furniture brands
  • Security, Health + Safety clearance and compliance approvals
  • Coordination with all trades to drive project efficiency
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot and implement resolution
  • Maintaining clean job sites at all times
  • Rigorous practices to ensure an ecological disposal path for all packaging materials from job sites and our warehousing facilities

and Move Management

Palletized warehousing, available on a bi-weekly or monthly contract, to respond to project schedule changes or accommodate surplus inventory.

Asset Management

Inventory management and redeployment, resale and charitable donations, end-of-life sustainable recycling to ensure diversion from landfill and positive community impact.


  • Furniture rental programs to accommodate short- or long-term requirements for office/home office
  • Open area workstations + private offices
  • Task and training seating
  • Lounge areas
  • Acoustic phone booths
  • Full delivery and installation service
  • Monthly | Yearly contracts
  • Materials from job sites and our warehousing facilities

Moving + Decommissioning

Burovision offers move management, decommissioning and reconfiguration services.

Moving Experts

  • Moving equipment
  • Packing & unpacking
  • Labelling
  • Disassembly & installation of contract furniture including appliances, lighting, wall tiles, artwork
  • Removal & reinstallation of computer screens, CPUs, keyboard trays, personal effects
  • Basic cabling
  • Reconfiguration of existing furniture


  • All aspects of decommissioning & environmental disposal
  • Management of donations with accredited NPO associations
  • Preparation of supporting documentation for LEED certification

Specialty Services

Have a unique furniture problem to solve? Connect with our service team who will use our resource network to provide optimal solutions.

  • COVID-19 cleaning service
  • Refurbishment
  • Wood furniture repair
  • Metal cabinet repainting
  • Bespoke furniture

Intermarket Partners

Burovision offers our North American dealer partners project management, installation and full after-sales services for their customers building out offices in our local market. Burovision has over 30 years of deep knowledge and skills, which serve as the cornerstone to our commitment to deliver an exceptional intermarket experience.

Our differentiators

Participation at all construction meetings to ensure clear communication to all stakeholders
Adhere to all health & safety guidelines to ensure protective measures are followed on site
Proactive and seamless communication back to Lead Dealer on reception, delivery, installation, warranty and day 2 services
Proactive and seamless communication with trades and Customer Team stakeholders to meet objectives
Check Point Approach: At outset of installation, build and review installation of each typical on site with the objective to validate location of user tools and capture, adjust and report minor alterations
Secure palletized warehouse available on a bi-weekly or monthly contract, to respond to project schedule changes or to accommodate surplus inventory. Our fully insured premises are equipped with 24/7 surveillance security system

We would love
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We would love
to hear from you!

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