Technology / Fintech Industry Overview

Technology / Fintech Industry Overview

October 22, 2020

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The modern workplace – a hub of stimulating workers enjoying open spaces, collaborative areas, and smart features – has been wholly embraced by the technology industry.

Technology giants are known for breaking free from the traditional mould of cubicles and formal meeting rooms, transforming their facilities into open, collaborative spaces with almost playground-like interiors.

Though their innovative interiors often attract curious visitors, these companies are more than eye-catching graphics and kombucha stations. Their main objective is to engineer dynamic spaces that support the people working in them.

For years the team of workspace design experts at Burovision have guided tech and fintech companies to lead the charge – skillfully refining offices to boost creativity, productivity and wellness with a holistic approach.

What Makes a Great Tech Office?

The beauty of the tech office is in its continuous evolution. While trends come and go, wellness, productivity, and engagement remain paramount to an inclusive tech office.

Amenities such as snack machines and ping-pong tables play a part in creating an engaging environment, but designing a space that fosters collaboration and connectivity is fundamental. Providing freedom of choice for where employees can work will help their talent thrive!

Our team of workspace experts goes beyond trends to understand workers’ needs by transitioning layouts away from boxy workstations to open designs with mobile furniture and flexible workspaces.

Tech Office Design – Genetec

Emphasis on Collaboration

To nurture team collaboration in a tech office, spaces must be adaptable and adjustable to the project and people working together.

Studios, social spaces, and open lounges act as places where workers can meet and collaborate away from the regular office spaces of a tech office. In high traffic areas, collaboration spaces must be flexible – suitable for everything from casual employee brain-storming sessions to formal business meetings.

Burovision is adept at creating innovative spaces that bestow privacy for ‘heads-down’ work while maintaining openness for collaboration. Regardless of the space available, our interior specialists offer modern solutions to transform any work area.

Tech Office designed by Burovision

Focus on Connectivity

With remote work growing faster than ever (70% of professionals work from home at least once per week), tech offices should reflect the flexible needs of today.

Our workspace experts place the utmost importance on creating functional spaces for office and remote workers to connect, helping to keep your company, culture, and team harmonized and productive.

When remote workers make visits to the office, Burovision ensures that employees are received into a space ready to let the work together with others or work alone as needed.hey aren’t an afterthought. Our interior specialists design open areas with workbenches and casual hangouts to give them the flexibility they need when they choose to have an in-office work day.

Modern Tech Office Interior Design

Establish the Brand Within the Space

Office design reflects your tech company’s brand. Everything from the layout and furniture to the wall finishes and personalizations can reinforce your culture and demonstrate your core corporate values.

Before we delve into your project, our team researches your brand to ensure suggestions made will align and support your vision.

Our Fintech | Tech Design Projects

The primary focus of our tech and fintech projects is to provide teams with adaptable workspaces to improve efficiency and help your workforce achieve their goals.

We create an environment that supports every individual’s efforts to be as effective as possible – whether it be collaborative areas or focused work settings away from distraction.

When Deloitte’s workplace into a social, flexible and technological space, Burovision furnished social lounges and touch-down points and architectural elements such as open staircases created a linked landscape that would allow organic collisions to promote spontaneous connections amongst colleagues. Included in the design were hoteling workstations (unassigned workstations) available for reservation for both collaborative and quiet, secluded work.

Why Choose Burovision for your Tech / Fintech Office

For over 30 years, Burovision has been creating office interiors where the best work will flourish through our expert insight and planning of the possibilities of your office. Our team also partners with firms that bring our vision to life with high-quality, innovative office installations.

Change can be difficult, but it’s necessary, especially in the rapidly changing digital world. Request a consultation today and find out how Burovision’s passionate interior and construction team can develop your workspace.

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