Get Inspired!
Our Commitment to Helping Kids and The Spaces They Learn In

Burovision is committed to taking an active role in supporting our local communities to foster the academic growth of our younger generations.

In 2009 Burovision launched our “Get Inspired!” program where each year we identify a local school or community center and partner with teachers and leaders to create inspirational environments for learning.

John F Kennedy HS
2018 John F. Kennedy High School, Student Support Center

2009 Edward Murphy School - New Library
  2018 John F. Kennedy High School, La Place

We believe that our ability to create dynamic and engaging settings where young people feel encouraged to pursue their passion for learning is a cornerstone for a strong community today and for our future.

Get Inspired!” has been honored to work with inspirational community leaders on the following projects:

  • 2019 Heritage Regional High School *(In Progress!)
  • 2018 John F. Kennedy High School
  • 2017 John Grant High School
  • 2016 Howard S. Billing High School
  • 2015 Dorset Elementary School
  • 2014 Camp Amy Molson
  • 2013 Lasalle Community Comprehensive High School
  • 2012 Tyndale St-Georges Community Center
  • 2011 St-Gabriel Elementary School
  • 2010 St-John Bosco Elementary School
  • 2009 Edward Murphy Elementary School


If your school or community organization would like to put forward a proposal for consideration reflecting the values of the Get Inspired! Program, we welcome your interest.


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