Muuto: A New Perspective on Scandinavian Furniture, Lighting and More

The industry of design – from architecture and interior construction, to textile, material and furniture – is in perpetual evolution. As a community, we are in constant search of innovative solutions to solve the ever-shifting priorities of the spaces we live in.

For over 25 years, Burovision has partnered with clients that strive to create spaces where people love to work.  We inject our brand values of constant learning, commitment to transparency, and the evolution of both relationships and space throughout our entire creative process.

Burovision is excited to share the design values of Muuto who was acquired in early December by modern-design icon Knoll our principal supplier partner of 20 years.

As a newly-minted part of the Knoll constellation, the Copenhagen-based company has earned a well-deserved moment in the media spotlight as they gain increased notoriety in, and access to, the North American market.

In an interview with, Muuto’s CEO Anders Cleemann adeptly describes Muuto as “affordable luxury,” bringing an approachable and accessible alternative to the iconic luxury of Knoll.

With indulgent details like the use of 100% New Zealand hand-woven lambswool in the Varjo rug by Tina Ratzer, and the witty, ingenious design of Thomas Bentzen’s Cover Chair that requires no metal-hardware for assembly, Cleemann’s description of Muuto’s balanced design philosophy couldn’t be more accurate.

Burovision is proud to share some of the stunning images from the Muuto product library with you for inspiration. The scenes evoke an aesthetic that has been labeled “the new Nordic.” Rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, and punctuated by an unmistakable functionality and craftsmanship, Muuto delivers a focused catalogue of furniture, lighting and accessories.

But what has us really inspired? The Muuto perspective. Befittingly, the furniture company’s namesake comes from the Finnish word muutos  – meaning new perspective.

The company name is applied as both a noun and a verb. Muutos is employed throughout the design process to create “objects made sublime through new perspective.” While Muuto, as a collective of passionate professionals, brings a fresh reminder to the design community:

“It can be tempting to follow market trends, but we’ve always been true to our vision: bringing new and modern perspectives to the Scandinavian design tradition. You have to be aware of what you’re doing and stick to it the whole way through. It’s about making deliberate choices”

(Cleeman, for FRAME, 7 May 2018).

As we look to evolve on our 25 years of experience, our team at Burovision couldn’t agree more with the muutos of staying true to our vision and making deliberate choices.



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