Knoll Montreal – Office Furniture

Why Choose Knoll?

For over 80 years, Knoll has remained at the forefront of modern office design. Knoll has built a trusted reputation that answers the needs of contemporary workspaces by staying true to the Bauhaus philosophy, which utilizes furniture to complement architectural space. 

Through years of exploring how environments impact how we work, create, collate, and thrive, the Knoll constellation of brands encourages collaboration and evolution of the workplace. Each piece is meticulously designed to inspire, endure, and cultivate creativity.

Knoll Office Furniture

Knoll’s collections of furniture embrace a combination of innovation and timelessness. Since its founding, Knoll’s approach remains unchanged – Knoll is Modern Always because modern always works.

Burovision is proud to partner with Knoll when developing forward-thinking workspaces for both office or home settings. We are pleased to showcase the extensive offerings of Knoll’s design-driven brands in our Montreal and Ottawa showrooms.

Knoll Seating

Knoll’s seating, blends a modernist aesthetic with timeless charm. Through thoughtful, inventive seating styles, their variety of brands answer the needs of individual work habits that transcend multiple generations.

From adjustable, ergonomic desk chairs, to comfortable lounge arrangements, Knoll’s high-quality office seating will transform your office space to one that blends timeless modern style with comfort and practicality.

Knoll Tables

Knoll led the progression towards open-plan offices with their innovative meeting tables and benching options that encourage collaboration between workers. 

Knoll continues to innovate designs that evolve how workers utilize this fundamental piece of furniture, bringing warmth, style, and sophistication to the modern office. Knoll’s range of elegant, unique workstations is suitable for any office environment from ergonomic, height-adjustable desks to executive boardroom tables; there’s undoubtedly an iconic piece in their constellation of designs crafted for your particular needs.

Storage, Accessories and More

Knoll’s range of high-quality office furniture expands beyond tables, desks, and seating. Knoll offers a variety of accessories, storage, and architectural and acoustic solutions that support the modern, flexible workplace and adds versatility and order to your space.

Maximize organizational options without sacrificing valuable workspace with expertly designed filing and storage products such as lateral files, pedestals, towers, and bookshelves – each created to work together as a cohesive platform. 

We welcome you to visit our showrooms and discover a wide array of work styles – from focus work panels systems to open desking – all to accommodate how individuals and teams need to engage to drive workplace productivity.

Plan Your Space with Burovision – Trusted Knoll Office Furniture Dealer

For over 25 years, Burovision has been creating innovative and engaging spaces where people love to work. By combining our workspace planning expertise with exceptionally designed Knoll furniture, we empower your team to feel a connection with their office environment throughout the workday and beyond. 

We are committed to being the best resource for our customers and our community.

Our showroom and our team guide customers to explore a range of workplace planning ideas incorporating contemporary furniture in tandem with textiles and architectural solutions.

We are currently booking private tours of our Montreal and Ottawa showrooms. All visits must be booked in advance, as we will be limiting the number of people allowed in the space for the health and safety of our customers and staff. To book your private tour, get in touch with us at [email protected]