Trendy Office Design <br> For Better Workspaces

Trendy Office Design
For Better Workspaces

January 17, 2018

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Being influenced by what’s trending occurs in all aspects of life; from digital platforms to fashion, trends help to shape popular culture. While it’s always better to blaze the trail, there are important elements which can be acquired from items that are trending, which can be used to create something that is special and unique to you.

When it comes to office design there are certain trends for 2018 which are important to be mindful of as they can help shape what your overall vision for creating a new business environment can be.

‘More Textures Everywhere You Look

With the rise of the minimalist office and neutral or streamlined layouts, texture will become one way for a workplace to introduce a playful side. Textures heighten the sensory elements of a room, and can summon a nostalgic home comfort in everyday spaces. Think faux or real sheepskin chair throws, acoustic fabric wall panels, beach shell wall dividers, woven rugs, and handmade baskets

Office Inclusion and Accessibility Improvements

There are some creative companies that are currently testing new ways to improve accessibility for individuals, especially those with physical impairments or disabilities. For example, Panasonic recently introduced self-driving wheelchairs in Japan’s airport to test in advance of the 2020 Olympics. Visitors will be able to summon a wheelchair with a few taps on a smartphone app. For the deaf, UNI is a real-time translation device that could help employees with a hearing disability participate in meetings and interactions with co-workers. As far as design and layout are concerned, we no longer live in a one-desk-size-fits-all world. Adjustable height desks, adaptive chairs, quiet “library hours” floors, assistive devices and more are easier to create or attain to make sure all employees can thrive in their environments. The introduction of these models on a B2B level will help larger offices recognize, value, and improve the needs of disabled employees. ‘ (Jeff Pochepan,

Here at Burovision our aim is to help create spaces that people love which are unique to individual brands and are able to serve form, function and ergonomic purposes. Contact us to learn more about how we can collaborate in order to help bring the best workspace vision to life.

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