Ergonomics of Furniture and how it relates to Productivity in the Workplace

Ergonomics of Furniture and how it relates to Productivity in the Workplace

March 1, 2017

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Motivating and encouraging your staff to be the best they can be when it comes to representing your brand is important in order to promote consistent business growth. The second most important thing is to create an office environment that is able to facilitate optimal productivity and it’s done by using ergonomically designed furniture; a comfortable employee is a happy and productive one!

Here are some of the ways in which an office with ergonomic furniture and design in mind can improve overall productivity:

“Ergonomic Workstations Greatly Reduce Injury-Related Absences

While many business owners are aware of the fact that the greatest threat to productivity is employee absence due to injury, too few people know that many workplace injuries do not occur as a result of falls or lifting heavy equipment, but rather due to daily repetitive strain.In fact, more than 40 percent of workplace injuries come in the form of sprains and strains. Because repetitive strain injuries take a long time to develop, they also typically take a long time to treat, and can, therefore, cause the lengthy absence of skilled employees. This not only results in significant lost productivity, it often costs companies a great deal of money in the form of compensation payments.

Workers With Ergonomic Equipment Can Work More Quickly

Ergonomic equipment often makes an employee’s work easier to do as it cuts down on repetitive motions and optimizes posture. For example, ergonomic keyboards can help a typist to type faster and with fewer breaks, ergonomic cleaning equipment can allow cleaning personnel to clean large areas using fewer passes and without having to bend so frequently, and computer monitors which are designed to reduce eye strain allow employees to focus on their screens for longer periods of time without developing headaches (and they can read more accurately). All of this leads to greater productivity and a higher quality of work.

Workers Who Are More Comfortable Have More Energy and a Higher Working Capacity

Workers who are in pain often report feeling tired and drained, which makes them less able to work quickly and effectively. They must also take frequent breaks in order to stretch, walk around, or lie down in an attempt to reduce muscle strain and ease aches. Physical pain negatively impacts mental energy, too; it’s hard to feel inspired, solve problems, or generate new ideas when constantly distracted by physical discomfort.”

In addition to this when you provide your staff with a safer and more ergonomic environment for them to work in they will feel cared about and that will also be reflected in their work. Let us here at Burovision help you develop and see a safer and more productive future for your company.

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