DIRTT Healthcare

DIRTT has collaborated on 2800 healthcare projects with over 1509 unique healthcare clients to design, manufacture, and install a variety of healthcare interiors. Their rapid response efforts have enabled these medical facilities to take action, giving both healthcare workers and their patients the safe space required throughout the pandemic and beyond. From isolation rooms to urgent care rooms, DIRTT supports all healthcare space requirements.

Rapid Healthcare Construction

Rapid Prefab Healthcare Construction

With DIRTT’s efficient procedures in place, the construction of your healthcare space is manufactured with precision in 21 days or less in a controlled factory setting. All components are then shipped to the medical site for a seamless install, taking utmost care to uphold onsite health and safety measures.

DIRTT’s prefab healthcare facilities are designed for rapid change, allowing for easy adjustments and ongoing maintenance. While the installations can function as permanent solutions for healthcare providers, they can be altered and modified as conditions change or repurposed to support future requirements.

DIRTT prefab healthcare construction builds include:

  • Exam rooms
  • Triage rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Isolation rooms
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Headwalls


Modular Healthcare Construction


Dedicated Healthcare Team & COVID-19 Rapid Response Pods

In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare sites across North America were in desperate need of permanent or temporary facilities to meet the rising demand for space to provide pandemic level patient care. Burovision and DIRTT worked to develop and install prefabricated rapid response pods that allow hospitals to quickly meet their community’s needs in a safe area.

DIRTT can plan, design, and build within existing facilities, retrofit trailers, or convert open spaces to meet both emergency and medical facility requirements and compliances.


Some DIRTT interior solutions for rapid response include:

  • Walls, Doors and Millwork
    Durable finishes and clean, non-disruptive installs
  • Flexible Medical Gas
    Reduces schedules and adaptable for future change
  • Infection Prevention and Control
    Easy to clean, sealed gasket systems
  • Modular Power
    Pre-wired in DIRTT factories allows for quick-connect installation


Offsite Modular Construction Process to Drive Results

DIRTT’s customized prefab comes together like building blocks, to blend with both your patient and medical needs seamlessly. Walls, doors, casework, integrated technology, power, networks, and medical gas are all rapidly designed and built with extreme precision in DIRTT factories before they’re shipped to the site for a clean install.

Rapid Prefab Healthcare Construction

See Burovision and DIRTT in Action!

Burovision and DIRTT recently teamed up to build 24 additional patient rooms at a Quebec regional healthcare facility as they faced space challenges in many departments. Our team acted quickly to design, order, and fit the pods within four weeks. All 24 patient rooms were installed within 5 days and are each equipped with:

  • Three levels of med gasses
  • Emergency power
  • Thermofoil headwall infection prevention control
  • Antimicrobial wall surface materials
  • Ceiling to incorporate HVAC, lighting and fire detectors
  • Data
  • Individual pod light switches

The pods are currently installed in the hospital gym to accommodate overflow patients and are demountable for reuse in response to a possible future pandemic.

Benefits of Modular Construction Process:

Completely Modular

DIRTT uses cutting edge technology to shape your modular construction, giving you complete control of your space to fit your unique needs and specifications precisely. DIRTT’s proprietary ICE Software will streamline the entire process from design to day two!

Cost Certainty

Modular construction allows you to know the cost of your prefabricated space to the penny, which means there will be no hidden costs or surprises once installation starts.

On most projects that use conventional construction, there is a 70/30 split when it comes to cost: 30% of the project cost is the materials used to make the space, and the other 70% is the labor cost of the onsite build. This equates to 70% of your budget literally leaving the door once the job is done!

With DIRTT, 70% of what you pay for is the infrastructure that stays in your building, allowing you to truly invest in your space.

Day Two Changeability

DIRTT’s proprietary 3D software helps design, manufacture, and install fully-customized medical environments. This same software provides clients with assurance around cost, schedule, and final outcome. Thanks to this all-encompassing platform, DIRTT can quickly adapt to adjustments and demonstrate how costly these changes would be to avoid surprise job costing.