Developing The Ultimate Creative Space

Developing The Ultimate Creative Space

March 7, 2017

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Creativity isn’t something which can be forced; when one actively tries to be creative, that is usually when being creative is the most challenging. The best thing someone who is creative can do in order to facilitate the best ideas is to completely relax and just let them flow and allow themselves to be influenced by others and their surroundings.

The environment in which creative brainstorming and development occurs can make a big difference toward the final product as well. A space with rigid lines and either plain white or neutral coloured walls is usually not the most conducive toward creative design.

Here are some ways in which elements in the office can create the optimal creative place:

Shapes of office furniture

Both furniture and furniture arrangements with rounded edges, rather than straight, have been linked with helping to create positive emotions, creativity and productivity.

A study, which took in hundreds of university students, showed test subjects a series of computer generated pictures of rooms. Some with rounded furniture and layouts, some with straight edged furniture and layouts. The results showed that the curved arrangements were found, almost unanimously, to be seen as more pleasing and inviting.

Furthermore, there was another study carried out, which showed that office environments with rounded furniture and more curvilinear furniture arrangements triggered more activity in the brain than offices with straight edges.

Office colours and lighting

Ensuring that the lighting and colours in your office are ambient and encourage productivity, is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways you can improve the performance of your staff.

Different levels of light and different colours have different psychological effects on people, so if you can, it’s worth installing a lighting system that enables you to control the hue and brightness of your room depending on the tasks you and your staff are engaged in.

Blue and green lighting have been proven to improve productivity of people who are working on projects that require new ideas to be generated.

In terms of lighting, there is evidence to suggest that dimmer lights are conducive to enhancing creativity when it comes to idea generation. Brighter lighting, however, has been linked to improved levels of evaluation and analytical thinking.

In addition to this, higher ceilings have been shown to increase feelings of freedom and improve levels of creativity and problem solving.”

Offices like those of Facebook and Google headquarters (brands which rely on consistent creative thought) use these considerations in order to create an environment with the best chance of free flowing out of the box thinking. If creativity is a big part of your brand it’s important to develop a work space which can promote this type of thinking, and we can help!

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