Design and Emotion: </br> Is Your Office a Positive Space?

Design and Emotion:
Is Your Office a Positive Space?

October 12, 2018

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Welcome back to the workplace. Isn’t it ironic that despite January’s ability to inspire lofty self-improvement goals the biggest catalyst for change and focus is, in fact, autumn? We step into the start of the fall season refreshed, recommitted and refocused to make the final push towards the end of the year.

We are experts in creating spaces for our customers that are seeking a solution to just that: workplaces that support a more efficient and focused workflow. This is a particularly impactful consideration for open-concept offices where balancing functional design elements with the potential for noise and lack of privacy can be a challenge.

“Open offices are here to stay, regardless of the science that decries them. That’s because, like it or not, they’re the most cost-efficient way to cram as many employees as possible into a space” writes Katharine Schwab for Fast Company in an online article covering Work & Co’s new open plan office in Portland, Oregon.

We design for emotion because of its ability to positively impact the quality of our work, our professional relationships, and ultimately, our collective success. Our work environments have the ability to not only impact how we work and the quality of our work, but how we feel when we’re working. It’s why our tagline is “Creating spaces people love”. It’s also why Burovison chooses to partner with companies like Framery who have turned the pursuit of happiness in the workplace into a series of innovative products and ideas.

Framery’s acoustic pods directly address the need for an easily accessible, comfortable and well-designed solution for privacy and noise reduction. Framery’s booths come in three sizes and a range of colours (check our Instagram feed for a full product overview), but what really inspires us is the placement principles. Developed in conjunction with the product line, the Pod Placement Guide helps to ensure that the booths provide the most impact to its end-users.

By systematically addressing the need – be it for concentration and confidentiality, creativity and collaboration – Framery offers valuable thought leadership on how smart space adjustments can improve the individual employee experience. Incorporating Framery booths in the worksplace drives measurable improvements for both individual employees, and by extension, the strength of the organization that they work for.

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