Modern Office Design – <br> What to Consider?

Modern Office Design –
What to Consider?

February 15, 2018

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What makes an office as functional as possible? In short, how you use the space you have. Size can vary, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. In order to create and maintain the most effective space possible, it’s essential to optimize the space.

It’s all in how you use the space you have; the better it’s optimized, the more can be accomplished successfully. Designer Kelly Robinson (the person behind Air BnB and SoundCloud spaces) recently conducted an interview where she offered some insight into how she makes the most out of the spaces she designs. She remarked how “everything has a place and every place has a purpose” and mentioned some key aspects to keep in mind when creating a space that include:

– Designing with Cooperation in Mind
– Designing for Wellness
– Designing for Diversity


At Burovision we strive to help our clients achieve the most functional and beautiful work spaces possible. Whether you are creating a new space from the ground up, or want to optimize a pre-existing space we can help. When you invest in how your space looks, feels and operates you change the trajectory of where your business can go and what it can do.

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