Colours to Improve Business Productivity

Colours to Improve Business Productivity

April 26, 2017

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There are no real easy steps to follow in order to become a millionaire, because if there were..more people would be rich. The idea of success can mean different things to different people; some may view being able to live comfortably as success, while success for others might mean being able to effectively run an office and business where everyone is happy and able to make others happy with their product/service offerings.

When it comes to managing a successful business, the composition of the office is of great importance, especially the colours in the space which staff and clients have to see and work with on a daily basis. The following are certain colours and how they can impact the overall productivity in an office:


Green is associated with nature and new life. One study found that 95 percent of university students associated the color with positive emotions, and it is the color most often used in institutions because it has been found to be soothing1.

Darker shades of green are associated with wealth and money2. The wrong shade, however, can leave people feeling sick, with a perception of illness and stagnation3.

Applications for business:

  • If your business is one that usually makes people nervous, decorating with a pleasing shade of green can help customers feel more comfortable.
  • If you are prone to anxiety in your everyday life, a soothing shade of green can aid in helping you feel comfortable while working.
  • Using green in branding can provide an image of a firm that is environmentally conscious, or one that is for the wealthy and enviable.


Blue stimulates the mind. Strong blues clear thought while soft blues aid concentration and have a calming effect. It has been found that this calming effect comes from stimulating natural tranquilizers in the brain.

Studies have shown that blue rooms improve study capabilities in students and increase production line productivity4. Blue also slows heart rate, decreases appetite5, and is associated with feelings of trust and dependability6.

Applications for business:

  • Paint your office in blue tones to aid in concentration and increase productivity.
  • If you sell food, blue may not be the best choice for your decor or staff uniforms —  unless you run an all-you-can-eat buffet, in which case a decreased appetite will work in your favor.


Yellow is a color that speaks more to our emotions than the others and is often associated with optimism, confidence, fun, and happiness. Using the wrong tone, however, can trigger anxiety! This is why studies of students have found that they can perform 10-15 percent better when they take tests in yellow rooms, but also that babies cry more often, and for a longer time, in yellow rooms7.

Applications for business:

  • The right shade of yellow can improve creativity and may be the best choice of decor color for those in creative fields like graphic design. If you have small children who often share your space, you might consider a more soothing wall color; instead, opt for pops of yellow in accessories and artwork.
  • The positive associations of yellow with happiness and fun can give consumers a warm feeling about your brand.

” (Melanie Feltham,

When you understand your space and the type of message you want to send when people are in it and the overall vibe your brand should have, you can develop a space that is uniquely you and also welcoming for new people and promotes a productive environment.

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