Augustine Design Group


Case Study

DIRTT’s story resonates far beyond the broad variety of solutions and finishes our San Diego DIRTT Partner incorporated into their bold new Green Learning Center.

Augustine Design Group

Augustine Design Group


Leveraging DIRTT efficiencies such as sliding doors, imbedded technology and freestanding offices they were able to create a bright, open space with plenty of meeting rooms and private spaces – in half the footprint of their prior layout. Existing DIRTT components were incorporated into the new design, once again proving that changing your space doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. “We’re doing significantly more business with added staff in a smaller area,” our DP says. « Our space is stunning, it supports collaboration of our people, and it is inspiring for our customers. »

Augustine Design Group

Augustine Design Group




  • Butt hinge, pivot, frameless glass barn doors,
  • Glass and glass clerestory walls,
  • Combination, solid, cladding walls,
  • Solid Walls,
  • DIRTT Power,
  • Healthcare Power,
  • Millwork,
  • Fold-Down Desk,
  • Java Center,
  • Bespoke Ceiling,
  • Cornice and Seismic,
  • DIRTT Accessories,
  • Healthcare Opti-Filler,
  • Acoustical Management,
  • COM Materials (3Form) tiles,
  • Custom Graphics by Identity Ink,
  • Custom Graphics applied as film by third party,
  • Glazing Film


  • WriteAway™,
  • Enzo Approach,
  • Corning® Willow® Glass,
  • Back Painted and Magnetic Back Painted Glass,
  • Direct to Substrate Graphics on Chromacoat,
  • Chromacoat, Powder Coat,
  • Micro-Perforated Tiles,
  • Anodized Aluminum,
  • Thermofoil,
  • Veneer,
  • Magnetic Marker Board,
  • Tackable Tile,
  • Vinyl Applied by Others

Client Profile
Augustine Design Group provides commercial interior design services that support our client’s business objectives, enhance their brand and empower their employees.

They develop creative design solutions for diverse projects, including corporate headquarters, general office space, retail and showroom areas, manufacturing and distribution facilities, financial institutions and veterinary facilities.


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